Organisation of Aware Saviours In Society

Of the Students, For the Students, By the Students

Craft With Knowledge by Sharvani


What is OASIS?

OASIS, Organization of Aware Saviours in Society is a registered Environmental NGO of Action oriented Awareness since 1997.

OASIS is a highly dedicated socially oriented organization, working toward the aim of promoting Environmental Awareness through the future generation and it stands for Environmental Awareness of the students, for the students by the students.


Why Environment?

The world is now turning into a desert; losing all that is valuable. Environmental assets are our Earth’s Heritage. Welfare of our Earth is tied up with preservation of those assets. Local Community participation is a must to protect our ecological treasures that have outstanding universal Global values. We need to commit ourselves to be a part of collective Conservation Responsibility.


Something has happened to our Earth

The air of our crowded cities is scarcely breathable! Fresh water bodies and the sea are choked by every conceivable pollutant! Trees - indiscriminately cut in the name of development!


Humans are winning

In the fight between Earth’s Resources and Human Greed, Sadly but as usual …. The Humans are winning
At a time when values are disappearing and Man is becoming barren and dehydrated, the only silver lining is found in an OASIS, amidst the desert.
OASIS firmly believes that Ignited minds of children are the best tools of transformation. It is with the view of ACTING NOW, that OASIS is on a mission of transformation For a Green tomorrow created by children and youth the only and only hopeful segment of our world.
OASIS achieves this through a host of Activities that are designed to walk the talk.


Why was OASIS born?

May 1993….
A tragedy hit the Powai Lake in Mumbai.
About 5000 fish each weighing around 20 kg committed suicide. The fish jumped out of the lake due to over pumping of the water by the adjacent builders. This intrusion by the commercial sector into a natural habitat caused the massacre of destruction of the lake fish fauna.
One Soul was stirred up and completely shaken by that visual. An Academician by profession, Dr. Puja Vijay Sukhija gave up her monetarily lucrative career and conceived the idea of founding OASIS (Organisation of Aware Saviours In Society) in 1997.

Armed with two Doctorates one in the field of Education and the other in the field of Environment, Dr. Puja along with a Board of Trustees, set up OASIS  NGO, with the clear objective of spreading Environmental Awareness coupled with action orientedness and  it’s prime focus being children and youth.


Who at OASIS ?

who at oasis

What's in it for you?

It is no secret that the environment is being taken for granted and all of us selectively choose to be oblivious to the threats it is facing and the threats that we will face subsequently. As individuals we have become indifferent and have ended up forgetting the concept of Sustainable Development. The time has come when we all need to accept and understand that our survival is directly related to the environment and our ignorance will get us nowhere.
Mahatma Gandhi had said, "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need but not every man's greed", OASIS believes in the Gandhian message and thereby relentlessly strives to spread Green Consciousness and the message of Environmental Conservation - the missing dimension of Development.


Your first step

So you can take the first step with us by committing to be united in the mission to restore what has been lost. …..To bring back the greenery and the freshness in nature. 'The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step' said Confucius. Your single step initiation and utmost dedication will go a long way in creating a mighty OAK from a tiny Acorn

Do you feel touched, moved and inspired enough to take that single step and leave a lush green and serene environment for the future generation?

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