Organisation of Aware Saviours In Society

Of the Students, For the Students, By the Students


General Activities:

In its endeavour to make Ecological learning as interesting and as much fun as possible OASIS has devised several activities which students can get involved in. These activities include:


The students and youth conduct rallies on environmental subjects such as cleanliness and garbage segregation,mangroves,gandhian message of “Earh has enough for everyones need but not enough for everyones greed” and  many other ecological message marches to create awareness among the public.

Tree/pot plantations: 

Students not only plant trees but also undertake to be the guardiands and adopt them. Where there is a  space crunch the participants are encouraged to be involved in “pot plantations”

Photo Galleries:

World Acknowledged Days like World Forestry Day and World Water Conservation Day and many more are observed by displaying photo galleries to create awareness and contests are based on the inputs from the gallery.The themes of the photogallery are catchy like Whats eating you mother Earth,we cant drink sewage and What shall we eat when all plants are gone.

On stage and Off stage Contests: 

Through several contests students are given the opportunity to not only display their talents in drawing, dancing, writing, etc but also creating eco friendly games and quiz based on their knowledge about various environmental topics

Eco Friendly Fairs: 

Fairs and exhibitions are great platforms to bring themes on one platform under a single roof.A plastic free fair, an eco-friendly substitutes mela, gives students an insight that there are enough options to make a difference to the immediate environment

Eco-Edu field trips: 

What better way to experience nature than  by being in the outdoors? These unique out of classroom lessons make a bigger impression on students that any textbook can. Learning about the Water Hyacinth by ripping it apart at the Powai Lake is a better teacher than trying to hunt about the pollution uptakes by the hyacinth in books.Actually seeing a sewage treatment plant than trying to understand what sludge and slurry mean is something that will remain in the mind lifetime.

Awareness workshops:

Learning about so many species of birds ,snakes, butterflies, trees is quite exciting. It stirs up the desire to actually see them in nature. The sight of the nature precipitates the thought…..they are too unique to be destructed….can I do something to save them….can I atleast not cause harm… awareness workshop activities are  a lot of fun and the interactive method is remembered for a long, long time

Eco School Projects:

Practical pro active responsibility and outreach programmes give students the first hand experience of taking concrete steps of walking the ecology talk. Sensitizing themselves and converting it to action by getting the community to participate proves the dictum of thinking Globally and acting locally.

Public performances:

Special productions on specific topics like festival then and now, Bharat ke rang dance ke sang where students perform and give simple messages in local language to sensitize and motivate the people to be proactive in developing their green consciousness.


Our Activities:

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