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Final Report of Teacher's Workshop 05 Mar 2016

"We are a part of nature and not apart from it!”.

After the success of 'E-waste elimination squad' in H ward schools, Sony Music and Oasis' organized a one day event on 5th March 2016 to introduce the concept of “Dry and Wet Waste” to  the teachers of Anjuman Islam School at Hyatt regency, Andheri.

After a fun filled  seminar on “first impressions” by Wasan knowledge hub, an intensive session on the real problem of garbage was conducted by Dr.Puja Sukhija and Ms.Rajni Patil.

The teachers were acquainted with the success story of TTT(Trash to Treasure) and of Sony Music E waste elimination squad and the beneficiaries of the project.

The college students presented  a small jist on how to conduct the sessions in various schools using impressive visuals.

The session ended on a discussion between the teachers and principals along with Dr.Sukhija on how to  reach this to other schools all over Mumbai.

The teachers were  touched, moved, inspired and excited to take this ahead and guide the student community.

Report by Preeti Jha...


Glimpses of Teacher's Workshop