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Project 'E-Waste Wise’ at A/B ward schools


In a sincere attempt to bring out the problems caused by e-waste supplemented with effective methods to tackle them, SONY Music  and OASIS commenced in July, a sequel to project Let’s deal with E waste ver.2.0 titled ‘E-waste Wise’ across selected 10 schools in the A/B ward of Mumbai.
The project aims to bring about concrete awareness regarding the harm being caused to the society and the environment at large by improper methods of e-waste use and disposal; also, suggesting the right approach in going about the same.
In conclusion, given the sequence of events, OASIS along with past-campaign winners, students of Anjuman-E-Islam High School, Bandra take pride in getting the ‘brigadiers’ of the participant schools to understand and propagate the message. After all, it is the young minds that are the best propagators of a solid change that eventually manifests in society.

Visit to Schools and Impact Created

OASIS along with a batch of 20 students from Anjuman-E-Islam visited each of the 10 designated schools along with 2 teachers of their school and 4 OASIS members to spread the message in all earnest. Set out in a bus decorated with banners about E-Waste Wise, personalized tshirts worn by students along with their goodie bags, they created an positive aura as they embarked upon the journey to work for a cause.
In a hall, especially dedicated for this event, at each of the schools, students of Ajunman and the host school were assembled. Post the sequential setting up of the banners which displayed relevant information regarding e-waste, Anjuman Islam set off, one by one, explaining and demonstrating what each of the banner had to convey. Information regarding OASIS’ past project on e-waste ‘Let’s deal with E-waste’ and its success was also show-cased in order to throw light upon the gravity of the program that took place last year.

After capturing the participants’ attention, Anjuman students then moved on to putting up a very interesting and enlightening play depicting the dangerously inseparable bond between electronics and man that has developed over the past few years. The skit threw light upon the urgency of man, as a responsible individual, to put his foot forward and learn to manage and control e-waste effectively by way of fun-filled songs such as ‘Jaago Logo Jaago’. All in all, the message was conveyed, a chord struck and applaud received.

The impact of the show to an audience of over 500 young and supple minds was believable basis the kind of response that were received at the end from students the now-mindful of problems. Each of the alarmed yet curious faces took away a message. When asked what out of all information showcased hit them the most, responses such as ‘It is disturbing to see our own city Mumbai to be the top producer of e-waste’, ‘E-waste cause’s lung and skin cancer’. They were also prompted to take this initiative forward constructively. ‘I will make sure e-waste from my home is disposed in the right manner and not anyhow’ ‘We will inform other classmates from our school about this’ were some replies received. We also interviewed over 20 teachers who reassured us about active participation of the school in this initiative.

Each of the 10 visit, not only enlightened minds of those on the receiving end but also instilled in us a sense of satisfaction about being concerned and sensitive to the environment. Our presentation of this grave initiative to the schools is the first milestone in this campaign. We have now involved and assigned responsibilities to each of the schools by way of contests, school and community outreach sessions, e-waste collection drives and dance drama to spread this message to a larger audience. By setting a stepping stone, our intention is to bring about as much as awareness as possible and get maximum people to become E-waste Wise.

St. Joseph's School (Umarkhadi)

Hashemiah High School

St. Joseph's High School

Muhammadiyah English School

Lalljeebhoy Sajun Charitable Institute

G.D.Somani Memorial School


Anjuman I Islam Allana High School


Anjuman I Islam Urdu High School


Army Public School


Bharda New High School