Organisation of Aware Saviours In Society

Of the Students, For the Students, By the Students


20 Shortlisted Schools for Phase 2


  1. Anjuman Islam Dr. M.I.J Girls School
  2. Auxilium Convent High School (Bandra)
  3. Bandra Hindu Association High School
  4. Guru Nanak High School
  5. I.E.S Manik Vidyamandir
  6. I.E.S New English School
  7. Mount Mary Convent High School
  8. National’s Girls High School
  9. Podar International School (SSC)
  10. Purushottam High School
  11. Rev. CF Andrews High School
  12. Rizvi Springfield High School
  13. Rose Manor Garden High School
  14. Sacred Heart Boy’s High School
  15. S.S. Sahney High School
  16. St. Joseph Convent High School
  17. St. Mary Girl’s High School
  18. St. Stanislaus  High School
  19. St. Teresa Convent High School
  20. Vakola English School

    The above schools (listed alphabetically) have fulfilled the criterion of the Project ‘Let’s Deal With E-Waste’ and are eligible for intensive training for Phase 2.