Organisation of Aware Saviours In Society

Of the Students, For the Students, By the Students


Completion of Phase 1

Duration: 15th July'2015 to 25th August'2015

The Phase 1 of the Project "Let's Deal With E-Waste" has reached a successful completion. Out of the 103 schools of H/W Ward, 36 Schools actively participated in the E-waste Awareness activities.

A total of 750 students reached out to 12000 people under the "Community Outreach" programme of the project. During the Outreach activity, students collected close to 4 tonnes of E-Waste.

Out of the 36 participating schools, 20 will be shortlisted for the Phase 2 of the programme. 50 Students from each of these 20 schools will be selected. These 1000 students will undergo specialised training to conduct "School Outreach" & "Community Outreach" programmes under Project "Let's Deal With E-Waste".

In Phase 2, close to 400,000 people are proposed to be reached out to on the subject of "E-Waste Awareness" by 21,000 students.