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Mission Accomplished - Project 'Let’s Deal With E-Waste' 15 Dec 2015

E-Waste Mitaana Hai, Hindustan Bachaana Hai

Project “Let’s Deal With E-Waste”


Mission Accomplished: 12,000 students Mobilised, 1, 50,00 people Reached Out to, 7000 kg of E-Waste Collected

10 am- 12.30 pm, 15 December, 2015. St. Andrew’s Auditorium, Bandra, MUMBAI

The 6-month long journey of ‘E-waste Elimination Squad- Let’s Deal with E-waste’ came to a successful end with a spectacular finale show! An audience of around 1000 lively students, teachers and Principals from 20 schools of the H ward came together to celebrate this victory.

Ms. Rajni Patil, Trustee Oasis NGO and Project Head, was the perfect host for the entire program, reciting shayaris, dancing and singing for the entertainment of the audience. The show began with a video displaying the past work of OASIS NGO. Participating schools S.S. Sahney (Khar), St. Joseph’s Convent (Bandra), Podar International SSC (Santacruz), Anjuman Islam (Bandra) and Rizvi-Springfield (Bandra) schools performed a prayer dance consisting of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian hymns. They finally joined together and danced to the popular song ‘Mile sur mera tumhara’ highlighting India’s asset of “Unity in Diversity”.

The core team members of the project – Vailiena, Yogalakshmi, Andrea and Anita – joined by Ms. Rajni, welcomed the schools with a special skit and dance performance. It elicited a lot of cheers from the audience. This was followed by a special dance performance by the national level dance team from Purushottam High School who elegantly performed a north-eastern folk dance. Students from Rose Manor High School gave an energetic performance to a medley of patriotic songs.

The program was then carried forward by video montages showcasing interviews of the Principals, teachers and students from the 20 schools on their journey in the E-waste project. Another montage showed Ms. Rajni’s interaction with Mahatma Gandhi – what he would say if he were alive today and how his philosophy could be used even in today’s times for the problems the modern world is facing.

Dance teachers Sapana Jadhav (Rizvi-Springfield), Farhat (S.S. Sahney) and Rajiv Suryabhan Lohat (Purushottam High School ) put up a special performance along with their students to the E-waste anthem showing solidarity to the cause of e-waste elimination with the message “E-waste Mitana hai, Hindustan Bachana hai”. This was followed by a video montage on the success story and journey of the project which highlighted all the high points throughout this period.

The students from Anjuman Islam’s Dr. M.I.J Girls School, performed their much appreciated skit from the interschool competition. It effectively conveyed the message of how human greed and consumerism had led to the problem of e-waste that in turn is affecting humans themselves and may very soon lead to the extinction of the human race if proper steps are not taken to curb the problem.

Students from S.S. Sahney High school also put up a special performance on the Maharashtrian dance form ‘Gondhal’, mesmerizing the audience with their energetic dance moves and stunts.
The most awaited part, the prize distribution ceremony was hosted by Dr. Puja Sukhija, Trustee and Director of Oasis NGO, who kept up the energy of the audience. 17 schools which had participated in Phase 1 were awarded participation certificates, followed by Participation and Appreciation Certificates for the 20 shortlisted schools of phase 2.

Mrs. Saba Patel, Principal of Anjuman Islam’s Dr. M.I.J Girls School and co-convenor H ward schools Education Department, felicitated Dr. Puja and Ms. Rajni as a special gesture for their initiative and continued efforts in creating awareness in the society about e-waste.

Sister Blanche, Principal of St. Joseph’s Convent High School (Bandra) and co-convenor H ward schools Education Department and Mr. Uday Pathade, Deputy Education Inspector H ward schools Education Department awarded the trophies, cash prizes, certificates and medals to the winning schools amid cheers and happy smiles from the audience.

Dr. Puja in her final note addressed the students and schools urged them to not forget about the cause, just because the project had come to an end but to continue to take forward the message they have learnt through this project in the society and act as a core team of a 1000 aware soldiers to free India from E-waste.

The awards with the names of the winning schools are as follows:

  • Excellence Certificate for incorporating patriotism in E-Waste: Rose Manor High School
  • Excellence Certificate for large amount of E-Waste Collection: Sacred Heart Boy’s High School
  • Excellence Certificate for innovative idea of using fashion show for E-Waste: Springfield High School
  • Excellence Certificate for E-Waste collection with Community Outreach: St. Teresa's Convent High School
  • Excellence Certificate for keeping up the strong spirit: Vakola English School
  • Trophy for Best Slogan: Rev. C.F.Andrews High School
  • Trophy for Best VIVA: National Girl’s High School
  • Trophy for Best PPT: St. Mary’s High School
  • Trophy for Best Piece of Performance: Podar International School SSC
  • Trophy for Best Art Installation: Mount Mary Convent High School
  • Trophy for Best E Waste Collection with Best Community Outreach: I E S Manik Vidyamandir
  • Trophy for Best Kasturba Gandhi Dance: Purushottam High School
  • Trophy for an all round 3rd Place: S S Sahney High School
  • Trophy for an all round 2nd Place: St. Joseph’s Convent High School
  • Trophy for an all round 1st Place: Anjuman Islam’s Dr. M.I.J. Girls School