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Teacher’s Workshop on E-Waste


A Report by Andrea Maria

DATE: 15th July, 2015
TIME: 9.00 AM- 10.30 AM
EVENT: Teacher’s Workshop by Sony Music and OASIS in collaboration with H/W ward Science Exhibition for the ‘E-Waste Elimination Squad’ Project.
VENUE: Rizvi Springfield High School, Bandra

The workshop marked the beginning of Phase 1 of the project and its purpose was to sensitize the teachers of the H/W ward about E-Waste and to outline the activities that would be organised along the 5-month long duration of the project leading to the finale during the Science Exhibition of the H/W ward.

The workshop began with a short presentation of video clippings on the past work of OASIS highlighting the value it places on sensitizing children, about environmental issues and using them in turn to enlighten the present generation. This was followed by Dr. Puja Sukhija, executive director of OASIS, interacting with the gathered teachers to find out their understanding of E-waste and its disposal and why it is an important issue today.

The enthusiasm of the teacher’s was noteworthy! One of the teachers pointed out that in the modern age, waste has evolved from being simple paper or dirt to the E-Waste we see today. Another teacher spoke about a marketplace in Italy where old electronics are sold for free as a means of recycling. All the teachers who spoke agreed that E-Waste is an important and urgent issue that needs to be dealt with.

Later, Ms. Rajni Patil, Project Head of the ‘E-Waste Elimination Squad’, through her presentation outlined and explained the timeline for the project and the role the teacher’s and their students will play in the project. The teachers were also provided a booklet containing the presentation at the end of the program for their reference.

The OASIS team also put up two short drama presentations ‘Babaji ka Thullu’ and ‘Glamorous Mobile’ highlighting the irrational and inappropriate disposal of E-Waste in our nation. This was followed by a presentation on the state of E-Waste disposal in India and its ill- effects by Ms. Nivedita and Ms. Aarti.

H Ward Schools Head Convener Mrs. Prema Kotian and Co-Convener Mrs. Saba Patel welcomed the idea of incorporating the project of this magnitude with H Ward Science Exhibition. Their presence at the training program ensured their interest to execute this project in all H Ward schools to achieve the aim of involving students in community awareness. They were overwhelmed by the presentation put up by Sony Music and Oasis team on E Waste sensitization.

Our guest Mr. Anuj from ECO RECO disassembling centre in Vasai, spoke on the work done by their centre, and about the state of E-Waste disposal in the country and how it can be converted into a profitable venture if carried out appropriately.

Our Chief Guest Ms. Poonam Nikam, General Manager from Sony Music India shared her vision for the E-Waste project and applauded the efforts of the students and teachers involved in the project.

Finally, Dr. Puja Sukhija took the opportunity to thank all the hands involved in planning this project and the event in a unique way by reciting shayaris. The program thus came to an end on a happy note.