Organisation of Aware Saviours In Society

Of the Students, For the Students, By the Students

Ped Pukare Titli Aa Re - Your Role

You Can be Eco Ambassadors OR Eco Planters

Eco Ambassador's Role

  1. Identify schools in your area
  2. Choose atleast 5 schools and visit it by fixing an appointment with the principal 
  3. Explain the why of the project 
  4. Lock on atleast one school 
  5. Conduct the awareness session on Eco planting 
  6. Give time to the students for the activity mentioned in Eco Planters Section
  7. Ask them to send the reports on the website
  8. Motivate and Follow them up and ensure that the reports are keyed in
  9. Make your own report and submit to OASIS on line

Eco Planter's Role

  1. Do some research on the subject of butterfly attracting facts before you actually commence planting
  2. Identify the area(School compound, society building or your own balcony sill ) where you want to plant to attract the butterfly
  3. Visit a nearby garden in the morning when the sun is up and identify what butterfly species visit your area
  4. Choose the plant
  5. Plant and take photos during planting
  6. Give the plant care, sunshine and conducive atmosphere and wait for the winged splendour to happen  
  7. Click photos all along 
  8. Submit your report online