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Bani Eco Cultural Tour

Name of the Project:
A Bond with Bani... Understanding and Promoting Bani Village of Himachal Pradesh as an Eco Village for Eco Cultural Exchange

About Bani Village:
From times immemorial people have thronged to Himalayas for getting peace of mind and self- realization, not only from India, but from across the world.  Himachal Pradesh, and especially Shimla, has been the favorite destination of majority of the tourist visiting Himalayas.

However, the real beauty of Himachal Pradesh lies in the rural areas, having dense forests, beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, orchards, vegetable fields, Pahari culture, architect, customs and traditions. People in villages are using all the modern gadgets of modern civilization and are also respecting the local traditions of asking guidance, support and blessings of the local village deity to solve personal and local issues. Any function, personal or collective, is organized collectively by village folks by distributing the different work, like inviting the people for function, decorating the function site, welcoming the guest, cooking food for them, accommodating guest in their houses, etc., among themselves.  

It is very fascinating to see and feel such a perfect blend of modernity and traditional customs and values. Bani village near Tungesh, which is 27 km from Shimla, is situated at a height of 9000 ft. from sea level. It provides a perfect opportunity to feel and live Pahari culture and learn some valuable lessons for living a peaceful and contented life. Tungesh is surrounded by a dense reserved forest of cedar trees. The morning and evening walk in the woods are just enough to send someone in pure bliss and ecstasy. Spending some days here in the lap of nature can nourish a person’s body, mind and soul with long lasting positive energy and life time memories.

About the Role of students:

Eco-tours involve students setting themselves in natural environments with minimized ecological impacts. Eco villages are intentional communities whose goal is to become more socially, economically and ecologically sustainable. Ecovillages offer small-scale communities with minimal ecological impact or regenerative impacts as an alternative.

The students who will take this Eco Tour to visit the Bani village in Himachal will understand the rural village of Bani experientially by living as the rural Villagers. They will on this tour work on the single idea of the possibility of promoting Bani as an Eco Village for Ecotourism to the urban counterparts. 

Cultural programme

Introduction to Culture Studies. This subject aims to introduce students to a set of approaches in the study of culture, to examine the construction of culture and how the media represents culture. The students will learn a lot about the pahari culture and witness their dances, deity prayers and how in today’s day and age women still follow some customs. They will be able to understand the why’s of the attire. They will understand Evolution and impact of Globalization simultaneously in practicum

There will be a Pre departure briefing and orientation at  College/School prior to the Tour giving a full detail of the concept, objective and expectations from both sides and what has to be the final outcome of it

The project aims to strengthen eco-cultural value in students by exchange in every sphere of lifestyle, performing and literary arts.


Project Details:

Place of Stay: Local Village Homes

Village: Bani (Tungesh), PO: Cheog , The: Theog,  District- Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Program Co-ordinators:  OASIS

Total Number of Days: 6 days and 5 nights

Total Number of persons: 20 to 40

Food:  Local vegetarian Food cooked at home by the villagers. Students could be involved in cooking if they wish to experience that too.

Tentative Day wise itinerary:

Day 1
Travel from Mumbai to Chandigarh by air and from Chandigarh to Bani (5-6 hours). On reaching group formation and room allotments.  Briefing about the itinerary of all the days with dinner.
Day 2
Local village experience with trek
Pahari culture, their attire, food, farming, stacking Grass for winter, Cow milking, Making of chaas. Review session at night over camp fire.
Day 3
Visit to Kufri.
Day 4
Visit to Shimla, Governor House (subject to permission) and Jakhu Mandir Review session.
Day 5
Visit to the Apple Orchards and full session of Apple Growing and Kali Tibba. Sports activities with pahari youth.
Day 6
Visit to Shimla shopping and off to Chandigarh For  Mumbai.

Glimpse of this eco cultural tour:

Bani on Map: